Note for Registrars about Hungarian civil registration certificates issued in Dublin

According to changes in Hungarian legislation concerning civil registration procedures, consular officers at foreign missions of Hungary are authorized and are beginning to issue civil registration certificates. For this purpose, consular officers have direct access to the IT systems of the central electronic civil registration database of Hungary. Consular officers are issuing the certificates using equipment approved and used by the central Hungarian registration authority and centrally manufactured standard registration forms.

All types of civil registration certificates (birth, marriage, registered life-partnership and death) issued by the consular officer in Dublin are identical and equal to the certificates that are currently in circulation and already known to the authorities of Ireland.

Certificates issued by the consular officer bear the bilingual circular stamp of the Embassy of Hungary in Dublin and the signature of the consular officer. The certificate issued in the above detailed way by the consular officer in Dublin authentically certifies the data in the civil registration records at the time of its issue. An Apostille certificate will not be attached to the certificate bearing the signature and stamp of the consular officer.

Every certificate issued by the consular officer in Dublin will be accompanied by an official letter explaining the changes. Irish authorities or members of the public are welcome to contact the Consular Section of the Embassy of Hungary in Dublin with any questions about the certificates issued with the new procedure.


Telephone: +35316613091