Hungarian feature film Diary for My Children is included in Cork International Film Festival's programme, as part of the special Retrospective Programme 'Female Visions', focusing on celebrating female directors and their uncompromising, original artistic vision. The movie screening is held today at Triskel Arts Centre.

Diary for My Children (Napló Gyermekeimnek)

Márta Mészáros / Hungary / 1982 / 109 mins / Subtitled / Retrospective
In a career spanning over 50 years, the Cannes Grand Prix-winning Diary for my Children remains Márta Mészáros’ most widely known film. Set in a politically tumultuous 1940s Hungary, the film follows teen orphan Juli, who has been sent to live with her Stalinist aunt. The first of a trilogy based on her own experiences, Mészáros’ film subtly weaves archival footage together with exceptional performances from her cast, especially Zsuzsa Czinkóczi as the defiant Juli, and Anna Polony as Magda, her strict aunt.