2023 marks the 200th Anniversary of Sándor Petőfi, the great Hungarian revolutionary and poet’s birthday. At the occasion, the Embassy of Hungary in Dublin was happy to exhibit not only the life of the great poet, but also the era he lived in, which has shaped the Hungarian nation so much today.  The exhibition had been designed and funded by the National Cultural Fund, the Petőfi Literary Museum and the Petőfi Cultural Agency.

The exhibition “Petőfi Around the World” took place on Sunday, 23rd April, 2023 in Cork, at the Hungarian School (Corki Magyar Iskola és Óvoda). Péter Horváth, representing the Embassy of Hungary and Zsuzsanna Rékai, the Director of the School welcomed the students, teachers and parents. After the short introduction they had the opportunity to view each of the 14 posters, while the teachers explained several details of Petőfi’s life to the pupils.

The exhibition will also be shown in other Hungarian schools (on May 6 in Waterford and on May 20 in Dublin) and at the Embassy, more information to follow.