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Dear Visitor,

at the Embassy of Hungary in Dublin we strive to maintain and foster Hungarian interests. The prevailing Hungarian interest is determined on the basis of the union of state interests and those of its citizens. Our mission is hence to serve Hungarians and the Hungarian nation while simultaneously keeping an attentive eye for the development of our relations with the host country.

Our forefathers had established relations with the Irish already in the early stages of Hungarian Christianity, which is epitomised by royal cup-bearer Lőrinc Tari’s 14th Century travel log that recounts his pilgrimage to Ireland, regarded today as a significant element of our universal cultural heritage. Hungarian hospitality evident through the readiness to embrace similar cultures and émigrés was wonderfully displayed by Bishop János Püsky, who extended a warm invitation to Irish Bishop Walter Lynch during his flight from the English. It is not by chance that James Joyce chose Hungary as the birthplace for the protagonist of his world renown classic Ulysses.

With the shaping of the two nations parallels come to the fore between Irish and Hungarian history, both of which entailed centuries of struggle for freedom, independence, cultural and religious self-determination. Following the centenary of the Irish Easter Uprising of 1916, we are able to celebrate that both countries have found their most fitting form of sovereign statehood, primarily in the midst of an evolving European Union.

Ireland had been a pioneer in opening its gates for Hungarian employees within the EU, resulting in around 10,000 Hungarians who live and work here. A very many of them plan in the long-term and seek to nurture families. Dublin today is the world’s third most popular tourist destination, attracting a great many Hungarian visitors. Thus we see the emergence of a new Hungarian community in this country, which is ever so keen on self-expression. 

For whatever reason may Hungarians be in Ireland, our Embassy informs and protects them.