Working hours

  • Please note that consular services are by appointment only. 
  • Most cases are handled on the basis of personal appearance
  • Working hours: Tuesday 9.00AM-16:00PM, Wednesday 9.00AM-16.00PM, Thursday 9.00AM-12.00PM


  • Appointments can be booked  directly through our Appointment Booking System.

  • One person may book one appointment only for a consular service. If you book more appointments for the same consular service all of the appointments should be cancelled by the Consulate without prior notice.
  • Please make sure that you arrive in time for your appointment. In case you can not come for your appointment, please cancel it in advance.


Preparations to be done

  • If you have any question please send an email to the Consulate (
  • If you fail to prepare your application properly you might be advised to book a new appointment and come back later.
  • Consular fees can be paid only with debit or credit card.

At the Consulate

  • Due to high number of applications we can not tolerate delays, therefore we ask you to arrive on time for your appointment. In case of delay you might be asked to book a new appointment and come back later.
  • Payment of the  fee is the basic requirement of consular procedures. If you can not pay for the consular service at the time of application the procedure can not  be started and you shall be asked to book a new appointment.
  • There is no fast-track procedure at the Consulate.
  • If you are not satisfied with the work of the consular administrators you can ask the assistance of the consul.


  • Please note that in most of the cases the Consulate only receives the applications and forwards them to the competent Hungarian authority, therefore the Consulate can not accelerate the procedures. If you wish to get an update about your case please contact directly the competent Hungarian authority.
  • You will be informed about the outcome of the procedure via email

Contact details


General Data Protection Regulation – information to be provided to visa applicants concerning the personal data provided upon application